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Oldtimers importeren

Import in a modern way

In Roosendaal there is a huge warehouse full of beautiful (old) cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, etc. Marlog Car Handling imports from and exports to America, Asia, Canada or special countries of your choice.

The imported items arrive both by boat and by plane and are delivered to their location in containers. And then QCNEXXT comes into play: the quality must be checked!

What does the back office do?

As soon as the back office knows when a container arrives, they can enter it in the QMS as an inspection. They can already do this here provide the necessary information about the container and its contents:

  • who ships the container
  • what date and time he arrives
  • the brand and type of the vehicle
  • the year of manufacture of the vehicle in the container
  • who the inspector is

And many more choices!

A template is linked to the inspection. These are fixed patterns in which incoming vehicles will be inspected. For example, Marlog Car Handling has separate templates for cars, boats and motorcycles. In this way, the quality inspectors can inspect the vehicles according to a fixed order. Handy, right!

Inspect with the iPad app

As soon as the container has been unloaded, the inspectors will inspect the car, boat or motorcycle with an iPad. The inspection and associated template are ready in the iPad app. Where is damage, and what is the damage? They don't have to type anything: thanks to our latest module, they only have to click on the letter linked to the legend (known to them). Each letter represents a defect in the car. They can indicate where it is located on a mold for each defect.

Once the inspection is completed, the back office can process this into a report. They can hand over this report to the customer, or if necessary to an insurer.


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