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D-Quality Survey

D-Quality Survey

Inspecting fresh vegetables and fruit

The employees of D-Quality Survey pass dozens of types of fruit and vegetables through their hands every day. At the request of customers, D-Quality Survey, an independent quality control agency, carries out inspections on fresh fruit and vegetables. The inspectors work with QCNEXXT for this purpose.

Quality reports

When the load of fruit and vegetables has been delivered to D-Quality Survey, or on location, the quality controllers equipped with iPads get to work. In the inspection app Various templates are ready in the inspection app, allowing inspectors to get started easily and quickly. D-Quality Survey can specify the template per product. This provides accurate and detailed quality reports!

Using the iPads, quality staff can enter quality information, add photos to inspections and then prepare the report. These reports are drawn up in the D-Quality Survey corporate identity and are ready to share with the customer with just a few clicks.

D-Quality Survey's customers and suppliers have access to their own customer portal. They can consult their inspections here. The portal is also available in app form: even when the customer/supplier is on the road, he or she can quickly check the reports.

All under one roof

The app is part of a custom-made web portal, also known as a document management system (DMS). The app and web portal were developed simultaneously and complement each other perfectly. This allows D-Quality Survey not only to generate or view quality reports, but also to handle financial matters, planning and any claims.

Everything under one digital roof!


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