Extra modules in QCNEXXT

Additional modules


Besides the basic functions in the mobile apps, the QMS and the customer portal, additional modules have been developed in recent years. These modules can contribute even more to efficiency in your organisation. Do you have your own idea for an additional module? Please submit it to us!


QCNEXXT includes a link to various invoicing packages, including the user-friendly WeFact. Do you use another package? Feel free to ask about the possibilities.


With the help of the planning module, you can schedule inspections for expected orders and allocate employees efficiently. This can be planned per hour or per part of the day.


The claims module is used to create reports for insurance purposes. Enter the details of the order to be claimed and a claim report is automatically generated in PDF.


Packing lists are imported into the system before arrival. This can be done with a link to an ERP system. The system then creates a template for the planned inspection. Info from the packing list is automatically loaded into this.

AGF ONLY: A nice touch: QCNEXXT can suggest which pallets to inspect. The system chooses these pallets based on customer agreements.


QCNEXXT also offers a link for laboratory information. Through the portal, a request for inspection of a product can be submitted to the lab. The results returned by the lab are automatically loaded into the QC system.

Links have already been established with the following laboratories: Analytica Alementaria, Billacon, Lovap, Dr Specht, Agro Control and Lab Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.


Thanks to this module, the Global GAP database is linked to the suppliers and growers in QCNEXXT.

The validity of existing certificates is checked automatically every 24 hours. This way, with one click you can see whether all partners have the correct certificates. Alerts can also be set, so that you are notified a week before the expiry date, for example.


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