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QCNEXXT can be widely used. Although the product was developed for the fruit and vegetable industry, it is now also used for inspecting imported vintage cars, motorcycles and boats. A completely different field, but both are products that are inspected. QCNEXXT can also be used for inspecting services. This case shows how 2makeITwork uses the QMS & inspection app!

Step 1: The template

Among other things, 2makeITwork supplies hardware to customers. This can vary from printers to laptops and from servers to iPads. Everything the customer wants! The employees in the IT department then set up the hardware so that it is completely ready for use in the customer's office. Each installation has a fixed step-by-step plan and some steps also require recording data such as serial numbers or license codes. A template can be used as a checklist in combination with input fields. Using QCNEXXT in this way ensures streamlined processes and complete documentation at 2makeITwork.

Step 2: The installation

The technical employee carries out the installation based on the checklist. This ensures that no step is forgotten and enters the necessary numbers or codes in the input fields.

Step 3: The check

After filling in and completing the checklist, a signal is sent to one of his colleagues. They receive the list by email and can perform a double check on the installation. After this check, a signal goes to 2makeITwork's customised back office: the product is ready to be delivered!

Step 4: The delivery

Upon delivery, the customer can digitally enter his signature in the inspection app for receipt and approval. A signal is then sent to the financial department so that a draft invoice can be drawn up! A delightful full circle!

In this way, QCNEXXT ensures a pleasantly streamlined process, from receipt of the product at 2makeITwork to delivery to the customer.


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